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Sony Music

Over the past two years Enchanté has been helping Sony Music Belgium with their presence in social media.

Enchanté helps Sony Music Belgium spreading their content to relevant publications and fans all over the internet and amplify what needs to be amplified. We help local artists to manage their online presence.

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Guess what. We are back. Speaking directly to you from Gentbrugge, in a language that one can easily understand.

We moved away from the city centre to 9050 Gentbrugge in our brand new offices. We are slowly adapting to local traditions: eating fries, watching trains go by, buying a lawn mower and installing a picnic bench. The city centre office could no longer supply for all our needs, so we had to move. The new office is located 2km from the city centre and can be easily accessed by all means. Feel free to drop by!

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Enchanté, digital services with an analog twist.

We don’t consider ourselves community or conversation managers, but we can help you out with getting more attention for your brand in the online world, on a local or less local level. Check our services.

Who do we work with?

The Enchanté network is packed with great online influencers.They are chosen and called on for their specialized skills in a variety of areas, from Twitter stars, fashionistas, influential moms, petrolheads to foodies, facebook groupies, influential bloggers, unhappy hipsters and YouTube video stars. Passionate and real people who talk about the things that keep them busy.

Who do we work for?

Since 2006 we have been working for brands, for agencies and for media buyers.
The different campaigns we’ve set up through these years helped us build our expertise. Check some of our cases and our blog to see what we’re talking about.